mLau is a musical journey by Massimo Marraccini and Maria Laura Ronzoni, long time friends who although living in different cities felt the need to compose an album together while at a distance.  Digging deep into their emotions in the hope of facing the urgent need to compose which seemed to help them to bring back to life that which had seemed so obscured, ignored and forgotten, and in doing so, rediscovering their unique selves. With no creative limits, and without trying to please the commercial market, instead focusing on pure artistic expression without filters, rules or confines.The two songs published to date are the first of nine already produced that will see the light in the months to come. The duo is also planning a performance that aims to be an audio-visual experience rather than a concert. A sort of immersive sound with the musicians at the center, accompanied by avant-garde visual content. A multimedia live exhibition combined with different forms of contemporary art.


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