Miss Edith

Miss Edith was born in Kristiansand, Norway

Miss Edith’s career as a performer began at the age of 7 as a dancer. At 15 Edith evolved and began singing in a Kristiansand piano bar.

Before Miss Edith could even begin to establish herself as a singer she was offered a spot as lead backup vocalist for an already established touring act. For 3 years Miss Edith toured and performed with the Elton John Show all around Norway and Europe including multiple dates in Slovenia, Italy and Sweitzer.

In 2012 Miss Edith left the Elton John Show to pursue a solo career. She has appeared on a number of tracks singing choruses and released her debut rap track I Can’t Breathe August 14, 2020. Her next single, her singing debut Act Like You Know was written and produced by her boyfriend rapper/activist Capital X. She is currently in the studio working on her debut ep. In the mean time she is honing her craft singing, recording and performing some of her all time favourite songs on Smule. She can also be heard on her YouTube channel. With a musical taste that stretches from Opera, to heavy metal, rap, soul, jazz and the blues Miss Edith delivers a mouth watering performance that will not disappoint your musical palate.


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