Fedras is a Canadian vocal and instrumental duo consisting of siblings Stefani and Alex Fedra. Fedras is an Independent Unsigned Performing Act from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In 2015-2017, Stefani was signed with a local independent label for her first project. This collaboration resulted in a string of well received Electro POP songs like “Miss You Baby”, “Never let me go” and “Same Kiss”.

In 2019, Stefani partnered with her brother Alex, a classically trained Pianist, Keyboardist and music composer to form the Fedras.

Fedras music falls into the singer/songwriter and adult contemporary style. It can also be described as Indie or Alternative POP. While influenced by bands such as Oh Wonder and Artists such as Adele, Fedras managed to develop their own unique style and sound (as heard on YouTube),

In the fall of 2020, a well-established music Production Studio in Greece, undertook the initiative to reproduce and remix the Fedras songs. The songs were just re-released as (SKMX) radio edit mixes. The new mixes infuse a new Sound and a new fresh Breath into the Fedras music.

Currently, the Fedras are working on a new project and hoping to release new material the spring of 2021.


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