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Dec 23
Light Shadows

Light Shadows is two person dark electro band. Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters met…

Dec 12
Collapse of Dawn

Combining elements of industrial and darkwave with sonic noisescapes and world…

Dec 12
Sapphira Vee

Sapphira Vee is half human, half machine from Western NY. The machines provide…

Nov 19
Nostalgia Deathstar

We are a duo living 150 miles apart. Just humans and circuits. We are deliberately…

Nov 19
Dorcha Dorcha

Synth/Bass Duo from Scotland playing the darker side of electro

Nov 05

Exploiting the unexplored side of the Synthwave and Darksynth genre, the french artist…

Oct 25

Omegagon grew up around playing shows around Norwich and London in the United Kingdom.…

Oct 09

Dark Electronic Music Project

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