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More About Artisfind?

The site is currently in beta mode. You will see more and more options added as time goes by. An account allows you to create artist files according to the categories and this unlimited.

For the moment everything is free. One day maybe it will have packages for more advanced profiles but for now you can create records in the categories completely free.

Quite simple only administrators or authors are able to modify a file. So, you just have to go to the file you created and click on the edit button.

You are surrounded by a site that is completely dedicated to music research around the world. In addition to earning a free backlink to your website. You will have a greater chance of being seen than if your site was with millions of other websites and much more advanced algorithms.

Yes, we will soon add a button for this purpose or you can contact us for now via For now, the site is completely free and all funds will help us to improve the service we offer.

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