Étiquette : Italie

Avr 09

La clé de voûte du projet est la volonté de ne pas utiliser l'ordinateur ni de lire…

Mar 19
Honky Fish

The pop-rock music heritage of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s gave birth to this original…

Fév 24
Victor Tommy B

Born in Puglia (South-Italy) From a family that has always loved music ... In 2011 he…

Jan 31
Nations Unies étrangères

United Alien Nations is a fresh musical project which mixes punk, rock and alternative…

Jan 31
Le Wraithwood

The Wraithwood is a band which has its origins in Sicily in the mid 90s. They lasted…

Jan 29

My name is Zeebrax, I'm an independent indie and alternative musician. My influences…

Jan 29
Pièces de monnaie

We are an alternative rock and pop band from Italy. All our tunes are in English. Our…

Jan 28
Le plan Zeta

We are the Zeta Plan, an alternative pop-rock band with various influences. We love:…

Oct 28
Paolo Virdis

Great music can transport us, it can surround us and take us on a journey. Paolo…

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