Étiquette : instrumentale

Avr 23
18 secondes

Despite being mostly wordless, 18 Seconds is a musical project employing a wide…

Fév 21
José Sequeira

José Sequeira is an established musician from Lisbon, Portugal. He´s been a hired gun…

Fév 13
Mark Veldhoven

Mark Veldhoven: based in Toronto - writing, recording and producing his own brand of…

Jan 08
Scott Vanover

Scott Vanover is a 35 year old rock musician and instrumental music maker from Seattle…

Jan 03
Alan Morrissey

UK based guitar player, composer and soundtrack artist. My music is guitar focused,…

Déc 14
Jed Elno

French multi genre - Rock & Electro - producer and guitar player. I wrote my…

Nov 29

Lee Midgley is a English composer. For him, the piano and guitar are the best way to…

Nov 10

Bass-driven, hypnotic, instrumental music with attitude. Semitone changes hover above…

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