Étiquette : Indie

Mai 03

I am a 34 year old french artist from Dunkirk and originally from Reunion Island…

Mai 03
Truman Falls

Truman Falls is the musical musings of singer songsmith Simon Rea. Hailing from the…

Avr 12
Joao Aranha

Independent artist from Brazil, with a lot o love and sound to spread with anyone who…

Mar 19
Le projet Zeta

After so many prolific jam sessions they decided to mix up pop and rock to define a…

Mar 15
Conor Molloy

I have been writing songs since I was a child. The lyrics play an important part in my…

Fév 24
Nick Duane

Nick Duane who is originally from Providence, R.I. is an American alternative-rock…

Fév 24

Silva was originally formed in the 90's by a group of school friends with a huge love…

Fév 21
HD Bradley

Je suis originaire de Chicago. J'aime le café et les chiens.

Fév 13
Straycat fm

Rock, blues et indie de Sicile. Merci d'avoir écouté !

Fév 05
Oliver Forest

Oliver Forest is a Montreal-based indie band founded in 2016 by Josh Cunningham,…

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