Étiquette : indie pop

Avr 09
Ayane Yamazaki

“the universe of additive pop with subtle sense and elegant atmosphere and high…

Fév 11

After many years of singing song ideas into my phone & practicing my vocals, I became…

Fév 01
Jamie Jamal

Who is Jamie Jamal? Jamie is la lead singer with Electronic pic n mix duo This Human…

Jan 17
La frimousse étincelante

Hailing from the United Kingdom, A charming, witty, comical, one minded dynamic duo…

Déc 09
Sophie Dorsten

National Recording Artist Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Pop Singer-Songwriter born and…

Déc 05
Michael Jacob

For his new EP, "More", unveiled on October 15, 2020, Michael Jacob surrounded himself…

Oct 28

U-Sayn is a multi talented musician who is currently based in Switzerland. Winners of…

Oct 24
El Chiko Riko

Riko is an independent artist and producer from Florida, USA. His past in classical…

Oct 19
Lisa Beth

I've just recently started making music, although I've been singing since I could…

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