Étiquette : Folk

Mai 18
JC Hill

My music comes from the heart & is a direct result from a very rough younger life. It…

Mar 16
BrianT & The Sinister Hearts

BrianT & The Sinister Hearts marks a return to music for senior musician Brian…

Mar 15
Conor Molloy

I have been writing songs since I was a child. The lyrics play an important part in my…

Fév 21
HD Bradley

Je suis originaire de Chicago. J'aime le café et les chiens.

Fév 05
Oliver Forest

Oliver Forest is a Montreal-based indie band founded in 2016 by Josh Cunningham,…

Jan 18
Aled Hughes

Originally from North Wales, singer/songwriter Aled Hughes is now located in the…

Jan 18
Nathalie Weider

I'm a Swiss Singer and Songwriter. My sound is honest German pop music reflecting the…

Jan 18
Them Labs

Them Labs are a punk-progressive folk rock trio split between Pittsburgh, PA and…

Jan 17

Introspective indie rock from the cold woods of Wisconsin.(EM)'s music is a strange…

Jan 17
Maurice Gene

I am that indie singer-songwriter from Catalonia. My debut album is an LP called…

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