Étiquette : Canada

Jan 26

Toronto based band made up of old men screaming "Get off my lawn!" Pavement/Guided by…

Jan 13
Bande Null-O

Null-O Band: Independent Canadian band formed in 2019. Musical style: synthrock,…

Jan 12

Fedras is a Canadian vocal and instrumental duo consisting of siblings Stefani and…

Déc 14

Bio | HIGHFRONT | Heavy Hard Rock | Ottawa, CanadaFormed in September of 2019 the…

Déc 05
Sculpture musicale du crépuscule

Sean (Twilight Music Sculpture) wants to share his love for music with the world. This…

Nov 28
Phil et Mark

Phil & Mark est un duo punk-rock-alternatif de la ville de Québec.

Nov 19
Madison Olds

While 2020 has been a challenging year for most creatives, Madison Olds has pushed…

Nov 17
Obéir aux braves

With a rise to prominence nearly as fast and relentless as their music, Canada’s…

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